In December 2022 we bought a new keyboard.

In May 2021 we got ourselves a new video camera. The Sony FDR AX-700

From March 2021 the oldest hobby becomes the newest added to this category.

We also have a action cam, the GoPro Hero 8 black. Come back soon for more.

The hobbies drone and motorcycle is added to the film and photography. For years more or less active, I take pics of buildings and people. Here I would like to introduce you to the photo and film equipment.

The hobbies motorcycle and photography was supplemented by making videos. I like to make videos of landscapes, buildings and people. Here I want to introduce you to our video equipment. Most of the videos shown on this website were made by a Sony HDR PJ410 handycam.

The new Drone Because I crashed the Typhoon H, a new drone had to come. The old drone has already  been repaired.

Since Sep. 2018 we are proud owner of a Hexacopter. This huge mama is easy to fly!

Last but not least my defenitely oldest hobby - playing piano and/or keyboard.Since my place is too little for a grand piano I prefer playing a Korg M1 synthesizer. Also calleda workstation. I bought this piece in 1993. It's still good in it's league!